Where We Meet

Where We Meet

front_churchOur building is located on the lot surrounded by Springfield Ave, Wright Street, Stoughton Avenue and Sixth Street. We are across Wright Street from the old Kinney Gym, near the Engineering Quad, a few blocks north of the Alma Mater statue. The building entrance during the week is from the parking lot on the west side of the building.

About the Building

Our sanctuary and offices were constructed during the Great Depression by WPA workers following a tragic fire of the earlier church edifice which stood across Springfield Avenue. The soaring ceilings of the Gothic style sanctuary, the rich color of light pouring through stained glass windows, and the fine craftsmanship of the woodwork throughout the building testify to the dedication and faith of that generation. They dedicated a magnificent gift to the glory of God during a time of enormous personal and financial struggle.

Also with doors facing Wright Street, our smaller chapel was constructed with more modern sensibilities in the 1960s. During the summer, Sunday worship is in the chapel. See you there!

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