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Warm Welcomes and Mask Donations



Dear Uniplace Family,

Thank you for the warm welcome I’ve received as I begin my role as your Community Connector. I am training this week with Jessi Delost, learning the ropes and getting my creative juices flowing.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the Community Dinner program in light of Covid-19. Our mutual desire is for the dinners to remain hospitable and friendly, but also safe for dinner guests and volunteers.

In the event a dinner guest arrives at Uniplace without a mask, rather than turning them away, or offering them a disposable one, we’d like to provide them a high-quality cloth mask they can put on and take with them along with their meal.

Would you consider either making or purchasing 5-10 masks in order for us to begin a small stock pile for use at upcoming dinners?

Here we are sporting fun and welcoming
masks at a Community Dinner earlier in the spring.  

Community Dinners resume August 12th, giving us less than two weeks to begin accumulating masks for distribution. If possible, I’d like to collect an initial batch fairly quickly, but also accept additional masks throughout the fall.

I’m happy to come by your home to pick up donations. Contact me via email or phone to arrange a time for me to stop by that’s convenient for you.

Any variety of cloth mask is welcome!

Jessi and I have many more details to communicate to you regarding the dinners. As you can imagine, the uncertainty of student volunteer availability and the numerous new safety protocols required to keep guests and volunteers safe are giving us plenty to consider and plan for.

Thank you for your continued dedication to the Community Dinner program and again for so warmly welcoming me to the Uniplace community.


Jess Dager
Uniplace Community Connector




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