Community Service & Service-Learning

Here at UniPlace Christian Church, we strongly believe in living our Christian faith. By speaking up about social justice concerns and also serving our community in concrete ways, we make visible our beliefs while also learning about our community and its needs.

Throughout the 2017-18 academic year, we will be offering many different volunteer service projects which allow you to gain volunteer hours and experience, but also engage in the process of service learning. Through community service projects and engaging in discussions about the work we engaged, you will be able to not only help those in need, but learn about what the issues many in our country face with outside the context of the classroom.

Here at UniPlace are the many different ways you can engage in service-learning at UniPlace Christian Church.

UniPlace Community Dinner Volunteer Program

Since 2012 UniPlace has operated a community dinner program which feeds on average 100 people in the Champaign-Urbana community.  Each week, this dinner is made possible through the help of students who volunteer to cook, bake, serve, and clean the guests who come through our doors each week seeking a warm meal and a friendly smile.  Students who volunteer and the UniPlace community dinner also have the opportunity to learn about the real issues facing many living in Champaign-Urbana and are given the opportunity to discuss the issues they are seeing while learning how they can be advocates for social change.

To learn more or volunteer for our community dinner, click here. 


UniPlace Field Study Program 

Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, UniPlace will be partnering with the University of Illinois and the Education 201: Identity and Difference in Education course and SOCW 461 Professional Practice Seminar to give students the opportunity to learn outside the context of the classroom about the needs of our community. Students will have the opportunity to work with the community dinner program at UniPlace to find ways to help better serve those facing hunger and other insecurities in Champaign-Urbana. They will also have the opportunity to work in other capacities to serve and lead projects that address the many social injustices those in our community face with on a day to day basis.

UniPlace Registered Student Organization

UniPlace now has a registered student organization through the University of Illinois campus.  “UniPlace Community Service” is a registered student organization that equips students with leadership opportunities to serve and make an impact in their community.

The goal of this organization is to reach out and help those in need. The UniPlace Christian Church Free Community Dinner is in its fifth year, providing a free meal to anyone, no exceptions, every Wednesday during the school semesters. The RSO wishes to expand upon this dinner to further ensure basic necessities for community members and students. Providing food is the first step to help those who are in need of basic human resources. The members and leadership will volunteer their time to help serve and enable the mission of this RSO.

If you have questions about the UniPlace Registered Student Organization on the campus of the University of Illinois, please check out its page by clicking here:

UniPlace Spring Break Trips  

UniPlace has a tradition of engaging in different community service trips and engaging in different service project swhich not only benefit the Champaign-Urbana, but also the larger community.  Throughout the school year, UniPlace takes part in different community service projects led by students that serve those in need.  Additionally, UniPlace also organizes a community service mission trip every year during spring break which gives students the opportunities to learn and serve throughout the country.


To learn about the upcoming mission trip for spring 2018, click here.  To find out about upcoming community projects, click here.


UniPlace Student Workshops 

Throughout the course of the school year, UniPlace offers a variety of student and community leadership workshops to help inspire and train the next generation of community leaders.  These workshops provide important information for students and community members on how to be advocates for social change while also helping individuals become aware of our current social issues nationally and locally in Champaign-Urbana.  To learn more about these student workshops, click here



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Questions?  Reach out to Rev. Christopher Schilling, Minister for Community & Campus Relations at UniPlace Christian Church