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Reaching Out To Our Communities In Creative New Ways

13775967_946105342178936_8820323179022172261_nOn Friday, UniPlace Christian Church was featured on Illinois Public Radio about our church’s involvement in the “PokemonGo” craze which took place this summer throughout the country. PokemonGo, an interactive video game played on cellphones, allowed players to walk throughout their community and capture interactive creatures while battling others at real life locations ranging from libraries, schools, shopping malls, and even churches.

Here at UniPlace Christian Church, we had the opportunity to see many different visitors playing the interactive PokemonGo game on our church steps throughout the summer. In response to the great deal of college students, youth, and even older adults playing PokemonGo, we decided to reach out to PokemonGo and offer a hospitality table featuring drinks, snacks, chairs, charging stations, and more.

Having a hospitality table allowed us not only to interact with over 100 individuals who were passing by our church, but it also allowed us to reach out to our neighbors and our community in an effort to build a connection. Even if it was offering to build that connection with a phone charger.13615238_943440412445429_8120148166559404962_n

While no one knows how long the PokemonGo craze will continue, we here at UniPlace are continually seeking to build connections with the communities around us. In fact, this is at the very center of our campus and community connections ministry here at UniPlace.

Whether it’s by offering phone chargers, snacks, or just warm welcomes, we have been called by Christ to reach out to those who are in our communities around us. And for us here at UniPlace, it’s our mission to continue to be a church of inclusiveness and a church open to all—no matter what level of PokemonGo you happened to be on.

A link to the podcast of UniPlace Christian Church featured on Illinois Public Radio ‘The 21st” on Friday,August 12th.

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