UniPlace is for all students. No kidding!

Here at UniPlace Christian Church, we celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and our call to work for social justice — all while forming relationships and enhancing our spiritual lives.  Reach out to us if these things interest you as well!

Hi!  I am Sam Horsch, and it is great to meet you!  I am the Campus Connector here @UniPlace and a human person.  In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be posting about initiatives I will be starting here to engage campus members with UniPlace, their community, and faith!  My programs will be for those of all faiths, beliefs or non-beliefs, cultures, ways of thinking, and more.  

If you have any questions for me as I get these programs assembled, click on my picture here and you will be linked to my email!

Check back soon

Interested in joining our RSO?  Check out our Facebook page, give it a like, and send us a message!