Congo Initiative
UniPlace is proud to be a financial supporter of The Congo Protestant University. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has more than 100 years of presence and partnership in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is honored to join in ministry with great leaders who got their start at The Congo Protestant University. The Congo Protestant University of Kinshasa is a church-related institution with four colleges, [Business, Law, Theology, Medicine.] It is the outcome of a century-long effort by the various Protestant missions and the Congolese “Eglise du Christ au Congo [ECC]” to provide university level education, in a Christian environment, to Africans from any nation, but principally in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  All nationalities and faiths are considered for enrollment.  The goal of the university is to provide university level education for all enrolled National and International students, and prepare them to serve the needs of their community and the African Christian Churches.

To learn more about the Congo Protestant University, click on the logo above.


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