Kris Light

Kris has been an ordained pastor of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) since 1986. She graduated from Lexington Theological Seminary in Kentucky that same year. Her years in ministry have included pastorates in Cropper, KY, Pittsburgh, PA, Arcadia, MI, Grand Rapids, MI and Atlanta, GA as well as experience in hospital chaplaincy and regional work for the denomination.

Kris has a passion for preaching and teaching in ways that help real people today to connect sacred scripture with their own lives. She enjoys weaving stories, poetry, contemporary references and sound academic scholarship into her delivery of the weekly message.

Kris became pastor at UniPlace January 1, 2012. UniPlace Christian Church is an ideal match for Kris’ gifts, a place where questions are applauded, not stifled, creativity is encouraged, and the Spirit moves in both word and sacrament. She is grateful for the maturity and insight of a dedicated core of leaders at UniPlace who seek to bring faith to the fore in daily life.