Kim Klagg

Kim Klagg has been the smiling face greeting all to UniPlace since 2009. Kim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and an Associates in Accounting from Parkland College. She worked in the accounting department of a manufacturing firm for five years before coming to UniPlace and also has experience in early childhood education. She brings all her work and personal experience to bear in the professional way she administers the office, coordinating our calendars, and overseeing the wedding ministry at UniPlace. Kim’s is the voice that will greet you when you call and the gracious welcome when you arrive at the door during the week. She enjoys her work because she knows she is serving God through the church by sharing her management skills, accounting expertise, and natural gifts of hospitality and grace.

Raised as the daughter of a Church of Christ preacher, today Kim and her husband Mike are members of Lone Oak Church of Christ in Vermillion County.