“Rebuilding Hope in Wilkinsburg”

Spring Break Service Trip

Spring Break:  March 16 – 24th 2018

Information Meeting

Wed Nov 1 at 4:30PM at UniPlace (before community dinner) and at 7:30PM (after community dinner) 

On March 16th through March 24th, UniPlace will be partnering with The Christian Church of Wilkinsburg in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to restore hope and stability to the community by renovating the homes of low-income families, as well as equipping the church building for its ministry.

Throughout the week, participants will take part in “Walk Around the Block” during which they will be introduced to the challenges and joys of living and serving in an urban neighborhood. In addition, they will take part in conversations relating to economic Development, housing, racial reconciliation, and mental health.  They will also dedicate a week partnering with Pittsburgh agencies including “Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh” to rebuild low-income housing in the Wilkinsburg community.

UniPlace is looking for participants to take part in this mission trip. More information is coming soon. If you are interested, please email Rev. Chris Schilling at clschilling @ uniplace.org

Check out more information about the work we will be doing by clicking here!

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Questions?  Reach out to Christopher Schilling, Minister for Community & Campus Relations at UniPlace Christian Church by emailing clschilling (at) uniplace.org