We want to make going to church easy. UniPlace is a place of gracious hospitality and everyone is welcome, no exceptions. Come as you are … you will find all forms of dress here from jeans and shorts to “Sunday best” to business casual. Be comfortable, you are welcome here just as you are.
Parking is available in the public lot facing Springfield with an entrance from southbound Sixth Street if you are coming from north of Springfield. Otherwise, enter our UniPlace lot from Stoughton Avenue  between Sixth and Wright streets.
There is a wheelchair accessible entrance to our elevator from the church parking lot. All worship, fellowship and study spaces are wheelchair accessible, and there is wheelchair accessible space within the body of the pews for mobility challenged worshipers.
 If you have small children, there is a child care attendant on duty in the nursery when you arrive. All children are always welcome to stay with you if you prefer. There is a dedicated time in every worship service especially for children. We believe that faith formation for children happens with parents and children growing in God together.
Worship includes a blend of the finest church music from the classical tradition and vibrant songs of faith accompanied by flute, piano and guitar. The service is about an hour long and includes communion every Sunday.
After worship, you will be invited to “linger longer.”  That means have a donut. Or coffee or tea. Or fruit. We just want to say hello and get to know you.
We try to all remember to wear our name tags as a way to encourage making new friends. We hope to see you Sunday!